Here you will find a list of Distributors that stock IAP releases, which will be updated accordingly.

Avantgarde Music - Italy
Casus Belli Musica - Russia
Darkland Records - Germany
Duce Distro - Russia
Dunkelheit Produktionen - Germany
Equilibrium Music - Portugal
Ketzer Records - Germany
Levykauppa Äx - Finland
Metal Devastation - USA

My Dark Desires Records - Brasil
No Colours Records - Germany
Northfire-Mailorder - Germany
Ominous Domain - USA
Osmose Productions - France
Pervertes Taste - Germany

Piranha Record Store - Portugal
Season of Mist - France
Sepulchral Productions - Canada
Sturmglanz - Germany
Sound Pollution Distribution - Sweden
Unexploded Records - Sweden
Ukem Records - United Kingdom
Vrijheid Records - China
W.T.C.Productions - Germany
Zero Dimensional Records - Japan